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Taco Bell Builds Hype for Mystery Item in Three Super Bowl Teasers

Chain Opens Pre-Orders for New Menu Item

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To build hype for its new menu item, which it will reveal during Super Bowl 50, Taco Bell opened up pre-orders for its mystery item and released three teasers for the spot in the big game.

The three 30-second teasers star NBA all-star James Harden; Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, "alien expert;" and Bryan Wilson, "the Texas Law Hawk." They are each holding a green brick, which is meant to represent the mystery item.

"You'd think by the level of security they are doing here this is alien technology," Mr. Tsoukalos says in one of the teasers.

Starting on Monday, consumers will be able to pre-order the mysterious menu item on, though they won't actually know what they are ordering. Then on Feb. 6, Taco Bell will invite customers to pick up their order between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. local time.

Taco Bell also issued its second "redacted" press release. It released its first redacted press release last month.

"With respect to our fans and ___-lovers everywhere, we knew they wouldn't want to wait to get their hands on ___," said Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell. "That's why we're inviting them to be among the first to try it a full two days before everyone else, by placing a special pre-order now. There's just one thing: it's a blind pre-order…requiring just a small act of faith (not knowing what it is until you pick it up) to be at the very forefront of this impending phenomenon."

Taco Bell is returning to the Super Bowl after a two-year hiatus to introduce the new product. It will air one 30-second spot, created by Deutsch L.A., in the first quarter of the game.

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