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See Wendy's First Super Bowl Ad, Taking Freshness Pitch to a New Level

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Wendy's is heading to the Super Bowl for the first time, bringing its longtime message of "fresh, never frozen" beef to advertising's biggest stage by poking fun at how frozen beef might be stored and used elsewhere.

The 30-second commercial, slated to run during the first half of Sunday's game, comes from VML, which Wendy's picked as its creative agency in 2016.

The commercial plays up the message Wendy's has delivered for years, that it uses fresh beef while there are other guys -- in Wendy's spelling, "Othr Guyz" -- who use frozen. The "Cold Storage" spot begins by showing stacks of burger patties in cold storage. Later, an "Othr Guyz" worker warms up the patties with a pink hairdryer, while the 1970s song "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner provides the soundtrack.

The commercial comes just weeks after a humorous Twitter exchange with someone who questioned whether Wendy's really uses fresh beef.

Wendy's is also promoting the messaging with additional content including an Othr Guyz website.

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