Worst Super Bowl Ad Ever? You Decide

Part Six in Which We Ask Our Readers for Their Picks

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Each year it seems like everyone and his brother turns into an expert on Super Bowl ads, making lists that rank their top picks. But as a publication that speaks to marketing professionals, our audience really is composed of experts and we thought it would be interesting to see what you thought of ads past. So, in a series of polls in the days leading up to the game, we're going to let our readers vote.

We've grouped the spots by category, and we'll match those winners (and a few other classics) to determine the best worst ad ever. Today's focus: That's right, today, to switch things up, we'll be asking you which of these was the most disappointing, the biggest flop, the stinkiest. Sure there have been lots of bad ones over the years, but these stood out.

Vote for other favorites here: Monkey spots; Coke spots; Pepsi spots; Car spots; Critter commercials.

Note: In some cases we've gone with a descriptive title rather than the spot's actual title to help clarify things in our poll.

1. Super Bowl XLII (2008) Sales Genie: Panda Bears

2. Super Bowl XLI (2007) Snickers: Mechanic Kiss

3. Super Bowl XL (2006) Gillette: Fusion

4. Super Bowl XLI (2007) GM: Sad Robot

5. Super Bowl XL (2006) Bud Light: Sleigh ride (aka Farting Horse)

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6. Super Bowl XXX (1996) MasterLock: Something's Happening

7. Super Bowl XX (1986) Burger King: Herb the Nerd

8. Super Bowl XXXI (1997) Holiday Inn: Sex Change

9. Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) Just for Feet: Kenyan Mission

10. Bud Bowl -- any of them

11. Super Bowl XXVIII (1994) Frito-Lay: Dan Quayle

12. Super Bowl XLI (2007) GoDaddy (but pretty much any of them)

13. Super Bowl XIX (1985) Apple: "Lemmings"

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14. Super Bowl XLIII (2009) Cash 4 Gold
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