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Internet-Media Employment at Its Highest Level Since 2002 but Below Bubble Peak

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U.S. employment at internet-media companies is growing, but it's still far below the peak of 112,800 reached in July 2000 as the bubble was bursting.


Internet-Media-Company Jobs
Rise and fall since 1994 (PDF)

Internet-media staffing hit its post-bubble nadir in January 2004 (64,800). Employment in January 2008 reached 78,100, the best since 2002. Internet-media companies last year added 9,200 U.S. jobs. By contrast, the embattled newspaper industry in 2007 cut 16,900 jobs.

The graph below shows U.S. internet-media employment since 1994, the launch year for Yahoo, Netscape and the first web banner ad (on HotWired, by Modem Media, for AT&T).
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