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The Energizer Bunny

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PRODUCT: Eveready Energizer batteries
CREATOR: Chiat/Day

Say what you will about his long ears and drumming hands, the Energizer Bunny is one icon who's got legs.

Marketing experts call it the "ultimate product demo" because it does such an effective job of showcasing the product's unique selling proposition -- long-lived batteries -- in an inventive, fresh way.

"The Bunny has become the ultimate symbol of longevity, perseverance and determination," says Mark Larsen, communications category manager for Energizer. During the past decade, everyone from politicians to sport stars used the Energizer Bunny to describe their staying power.

The Bunny's incarnation by Chiat/Day was actually a continuation of an idea developed by DDB Needham Worldwide for Energizer, with a spot that featured drumming pink bunnies in a jab at archrival Duracell's battery-powered toys. Chiat/Day, after gaining the account, took the bunny to the next level when it launched a series of commercials that parodied spots for other products and were interrupted by the powerful pink Bunny -- going and going and going. The Bunny has appeared in over 115 spots in English and Spanish with new commercials debuting twice a year on average.

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