The Advertising Century

Frank Hummert

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Frank Hummert
Blackett-Sample-Hummert, Chicago

After creating radio campaigns at Lord & Thomas, Hummert joined Blackett & Sample in 1927 and went on to dominate the new medium. A man of mystery who avoided personal publicity and co-workers, Hummert and his future wife, Anne Ashenhurst, created, wrote and produced more than a dozen 15-minute daily radio soap operas, including, "Just Plain Bill" (Kolynos), "Betty & Bob" (Gold Medal Flour), "Ma Perkins" (Oxydol), "Jack Armstrong, All American Boy" (Wheaties), plus "Our Gal Sunday" and "Stella Dallas." With advertisers lining up to become clients, Hummert's radio royalties helped make him advertising's highest-paid executive in 1937.

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