The Advertising Century

G.D. Crain Jr.

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G.D. Crain Jr.
Crain Communications Inc., Chicago

Advertising lacked a reliable weekly "record of events in the world of advertising" until January 1930, when G.D. Crain Jr., Chicago-based publisher of business publications, introduced Advertising Age. Aided by Sid Bernstein, Crain persevered through the Depression, championing objectivity,accuracy and fairness. Ad Age gained acceptance as the industry's central news and information source. Crain worked with industry organizations to foster advertising reforms and after his death in 1973, his wife, Gertrude, and sons Rance and Keith continued on the growth path he had cleared. Both G.D. and Gertrude Crain, who died in 1996 at 85, are members of the Advertising Hall of Fame.

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