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Keith Reinhard

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Keith Reinhard
(1935- )
DDB Needham Worldwide, New York

Before McDonald's marketing chief Paul Schrage visited Needham, Harper & Steers in 1970 seeking a new agency, Keith Reinhard had done his homework: studying and sampling fast-foods and interviewing fast-feeders' customers, he concluded it was the emotional rewards of McD's restaurant service that were unique. Schrage bought the concept and, driven by Reinhard's empathic anthem, "You Deserve a Break Today," McDonald's soared. As did Needham and Reinhard's career. He would later lose, and years later regain as head of DDB Needham Worldwide, McD's, and also help create Omnicom Group. Reinhard's legacy: Agencies can't work too hard at understanding their clients' businesses.

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