The Advertising Century

Stan Freberg

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Stan Freberg
(1926- )
Freberg Ltd., Los Angeles

Satirist, creator of radio comedy shows, recording artist, writer, actor and lyricist, Freberg fathered "abnormal" or comic advertising in the late '50s. His Madison Avenue spoofs on his 1957 CBS Radio series so impressed adman Howard Gossage that Gossage persuaded Freberg to write commercials. His ads "that don't take themselves so damn seriously" won awards and sold Contadina tomato paste ("Who puts 8 great tomatoes in that little bitty can? You know who. You know who. You know who"), Pacific Airlines, Chun King foods, Jeno's pizza, Sunsweet prunes and Heinz Great American soups. Freberg established, and exploited, advertising's "fun" potential.

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