The Olympics

Another Olympics, Another Set of Ridiculous Mascots

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, the One-Eyed Whatevers

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Mandeville and Wenlock
Mandeville and Wenlock
Perhaps London won the 2012 Olympics bid by showing the International Olympic Committee its top secret plans for the new mascots -- mascots guaranteed to outshine all other city's mascots when it comes to downright, abstract stupid things that can't be described in words by anyone in any language. Not without making some obscene joke. These snazzy digital-looking images don't quite do them justice. For the full effect, check out the photo of the live versions over at the Telegraph. (And scroll down to the comments for some of those obscene jokes). Weird as Wenlock and Mandeville may be, the Telegraph assures readers that the names have rich historical meaning associated with the Olympics. Stoke Mandeville's spinal-injuries unit was where the Paralympic movement began, and Much Wenlock "is considered by many the birthplace of the modern Olympics."
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