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Peter georgescu's appointment of Tom ("I'm not Ted") Bell as Young & Rubicam's crown prince shouldn't bemuse anyone on Madison Ave. That's not a comment on any internal horse race between Mr. Bell and Ed Vick, although even by that measure there's no surprise; industry buzz for months has been that Mr. Vick took himself out of the running. Rather, it's a comment aimed at those who seem stunned that Mr. Bell, named chairman-CEO of Y&R

Advertising less than a year ago, has very little experience (and a low profile) in the advertising business.

If it's not clear by now to any agency employee-from the mailroom to the executive suite-that marketing no longer is synonymous with advertising, those folks need to find a new line of work. Y&R under Mr. Georgescu has been probably the industry's most vocal proponent of integrated marketing communications. With Mr. Bell's ascension, Young & Rubicam's outgoing CEO is simply putting his money

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