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Time canada is gingerly, and astutely, trying to reestablish its place as a player in the Canadian advertising marketplace by applying a little salve to some still- open wounds. Why not, the Canadian edition of Time suggests in a new promotion, deemphasize battling over who gets what share of Canada's existing magazine ad spending and try instead to build overall use of the magazine medium? Why not, indeed.

Canadian and U.S. publishers are entering a new era after years of bitter confrontation. Under a new international agreement, Canada's magazine publishers have retreated from efforts to bar so-called "split-run" editions of U.S. magazines-which simply repackage U.S. editorial content-from carrying Canadian ads meant for the Canadian audience. Once a phase-in is complete, non-Canadian publishers will be able to carry up to 18% Canadian ad content in their Canadian editions (more if they also carry more than 50% Canadian editorial content).

Time Canada says magazines account for only 7% of total Canadian advertising spending (barely half the U.S. level of 13%) and that it is launching a "Power of Print" program in its pages, worth more than $1 million, aimed at media buyers and advertisers. As Time Canada President Don Brown not so delicately put it, "The magazine spend level is pretty dismal." And Time's effort might just help correct that.

While we doubt Canadian publishers will welcome Time or other U.S. magazines back to the Canadian ad market with open arms, they can make common cause in making their medium more effective and attractive. That's a start on a less

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