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Return with us now to the thrilling days of January 1993. In our cover story that month on The Martin Agency comes this comment from Diane Cook Tench, former Martin creative supervisor, on the fate of Bill Westbrook, who at the time was sharing CD duties with Mike Hughes: "If anyone leaves it'll probably be Bill. He has a lot of things on his agenda." Fast forward to our April, 1993 cover story on Fallon McElligott and how it might fare after the departure of CD Pat Burnham. "There's a feeling of sadness, mixed with some apprehension about the future," correspondent Warren Berger quoted one unnamed agency creative as saying. Later, in summing up, he wrote, "Burnham's successor will have to strike a delicate balance between purism and pragmatism, while commanding the respect of a group of creatives at the pinnacle of their field."

So that leaves us here and now, two years after Burnham left and about 20 months after Westbrook took his place. What's happened since then? For one thing, Berger's assessment seems right on the money. As for apprehension, it appears that Westbrook's arrival didn't completely chase the jitters away. Given that his style and Burnham's are as different as night and day, and that Westbrook was brought in and made a partner with the goal of helping the agency start to actually win some of those big reviews it was in-and doing so without compromising the agency's impeccable creative credentials-it's understandable that the folks on Marquette Avenue were concerned about how these changes would affect them. Of course, the agency is now riding a wave of new-business wins, thanks in no small part to you know who. For more on the Westbrookization of Fallon, see page 24.

You may be wondering why we've decided to run a photo of the Wild Man of Borneo on our cover. Actually, this is not some drug-crazed escapee from a recently discovered primitive tribe, it's a dizzying self-portrait of photographer Stan Gaz, whose iridescent luminosity-I'm talking about his work, not his complexion-so intrigued us that we've devoted a whole spread to him this month. So put on some shades and check it out.


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Glen or Glenn-duh. Apologies to director Glenn Ficarra, whose name was misspelled in the Jan./Feb. issue (page 20). Also in that issue, a printing error erased the headline, "Frantic transatlantic antics," from a page 4 Upfront

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