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When you think of Miami, what images come to mind? Emaciated models and their greasy Eurotrash boyfriends hanging out in South Beach dives? Don Johnson and Phillip-Michael Thomas racing around in that cigarette boat? German tourists dazed and bleeding in their rental cars?

How about neat little creative boutiques with small but growing reputations? That, I'm sure, might be a bit more of a stretch. Sure, there's a nice little agency community in Miami, but by and large the city doesn't spring to mind when you think of hotbeds of creative work. Nevertheless, it's our opinion that if anyone can change that, it might be people like Crispin & Porter's Alex Bogusky, this month's bug-eyed cover boy, and his partner in crime Chuck Porter. While it's too soon to tell what kind of impact former Ally & Gargano star Mike Tesch will have on Harris Drury Cohen, the combination of Porter and Bogusky has clearly helped propel C&P to a position where, according to some observers, the agency is knocking on the door of bigtime creative respectability. For the past three years they've been one of the 15 finalists for the Four A's A+ award, and this year they're One Show finalists for the first time.

What the agency needs now, besides that showcase account, is to become players on the awards circuit-client cynicism aside, it's still the best way to build a national reputation. Based on the work we've seen so far, though, they should be capable of doing it. Whether high-profile clients will head south to work with them remains to be seen.

This month we offer up our annual take on the dazzling world of hardware, software and technology. Peter Farago of Farago Advertising has graced us with another of his schematics for successful living, while Alan Brody shares with us the results of a recent interactive advertising shoot out he conducted. Finally, Cathy Madison takes the Apple "What's on Your Powerbook" campaign somewhat literally and asks a gaggle of computer literate designers and ADs what their favorite hardware and software tools are.

And this month we're proud as Punch to introduce a new feature: it's the Cliff Freeman Comedy Corner (cue laugh track)! That's right, every Upfront section will now honor the funniest commercial we've seen in the past month with this coveted award, named for the guy whose agency will probably win it most of the time. And who gets to be the first agency to occupy this sacred bit of edit

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