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To one-time adman Jim DeMint we send encouragement and sympathy. The former Henderson Advertising account exec, now a freshman Republican congressman from South Carolina, has been invited to advise the House GOP on how to market its members post-Monica.

This is no easy client. His fellow House Republicans, Rep. DeMint concedes, "can be like a bunch of account executives trying to write copy." While Newt Gingrich's brand positioning ("Contract With America") worked brilliantly in 1994, the Gingrich communications touch failed in 1996. House GOP ads tied to the Clinton scandals backfired and Rep. Gingrich lost his hold on the speakership.

There is also this additional challenge. Can Rep. DeMint convince GOP House candidates not to undermine the party's eventual brand message with more of the dreary, destructive negative ads too many candidates turn to in their individual

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