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Biscuit frontman Noam Murro saw one of his best years in 2010, having claimed the title of most-decorated director in Creativity's Awards Report, largely on the merits of 2009's much-honored "Imagine" campaign for HBO. But last year's news was just a lead-in to an equally impressive 2010, which saw the director move onto spaceships and Spartans for agency215's epic launch of the much anticipated "Halo Reach." The effort included the cinematic teaser for the game's beta release, "The Birth of a Spartan," followed by the ambitious and spectacular "Deliver Hope," a live action online film depicting a massive battle between the game's Noble team and Covenant invaders.

He dived into more sci-fi stunts for Droid "Expedition," while showing artful and comedic touches on vignettes for Stella Artois' "Thing of Beauty" campaign, Dockers' "Men Without Pants," and Lipton's history of the "Mission Impossible" theme, among others. Notable moments also came from Tim Godsall, who conducted a study of opulence for DirecTV and Grey; shot frank, feminine moments for Kotex; and staged a showdown for Comcast. Bo Platt made massive breakthroughs for Ad Council, and Aaron Ruell brought his impeccable comedic timing and eye for detail to FloTV and Newcomer Aaron Stoller also generated plenty of laughs in his celeb-studded promos for the MTV Movie Awards, while Steve Rogers, the man behind Leo Burnett's "Space Monkey" for WWF (produced out of Revolver), recreated a scene from the Revolutionary War for Dodge and Goodby.

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