Bob Industries, New York, Los Angeles, Founded 1998

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Principals: TK Knowles, Chuck Ryant, John O'Grady, Executive Producers/Partners

Roster: Dayton/Faris, Lisa Rubisch, Peter Care, Spencer Susser, Mark Kohr, Chris Hooper, Jason Smith, Kim Geldenhuys, Phil Harder

2003 turned up the volume on talents like Chris Hooper, who flexed his comedy chops continuing work for California Milk Advisory Board and bringing great moments of cinema to DirecTV, and Peter Care, who went antiqueing with AT&T and road-trippin' with T Mobile. Lisa Rubisch brought comedic flair to DSW Shoe Warehouse and clever storytelling to Jeep, and Jason Smith zoomed viewers into the innards of a whale for Mountain Dew and gave an office-eye view of the Mitsubishi Endeavor. Spencer Susser continued the wackiness for Five Alive and the Snapple bottle gang. The always eye-opening Dayton/Faris, taking time out from their feature, were back on board for Snapple and VW, and added to their oeuvre Diet Mountain Dew, Truth, Mercedes and Mitsubishi.

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