Bob Industries

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All sorts of energy spewed from Bob's reel this year. Trish Sie turned up the music reteaming with her brother Damian Kulash's band OK Go to direct and choreograph the dog friendly "White Knuckles" clip, and partnering with 180 L.A. in a round for Sony that transformed driving directions into music videos. Alan White pit dad against mom in a McDonald's charmer, while Zach Math continued his roach legacy for Orkin and the Richards Group, directing the creepy-funny "Hot Tub" commercial, and transported Net10 users to their happy place in a bizarre spot for Net10, out of Droga5. Kim Geldenhuys traveled through time to tell Kia's history, Peter Care applied his funny bone to Best Buy, and Syd+1 brought design touches to BBDO's "All You Need is Love," for Starbucks.

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