Crossroads, Los Angeles and New York, Founded 1989

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Principals: Daniel Lindau, Camille Taylor, Owners/Partners

Roster: Mark Story, Mark Pellington, Andy Margetson, Nick Lewin, Thom Krueger, Julia Jason, Bruce Hurwit, Chris Hartwill, Sebastien Grousset, Steve Eshelman, Antony Easton, Kathryn Bigelow, Chuck Bennett

Satellites: X-Ray Films and [email protected]: Jesse Peretz, Glenn Lazzaro, Jeff Gordon, Brandon Dickerson, Russell Bates, Bill Barminski, Nancy Bardawil

Gang Films: Sebastien Chantrel, Rachel & Fabrice Carazo [email protected]: Clive Will, Sergio, Keith Rose, Mickey Madoda, Mark Lawrie, Greg Gray, Dube, Giaco Angelini Mark Pellington imparted his stylistic eclecticism on Gatorade, Subaru, and most recently, a jarring spot for Eli Lilly in which quick cuts and varied film styles illustrate the chaos in the head of an adult ADD suffererer. All-around player Nick Lewin united pods for Volkswagen and Apple, went old school for Converse, and accentuated gender differences for Budweiser. Bruce Hurwit gave the Grim Reaper the axe for NY Lottery, and Sebastien Grousset glorified moonwatching for Infiniti. Spots from the shop's European directors also showed artful and comedic storytelling for overseas clients. Crossroads recently signed feature director Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break and Near Dark) and gold lion-winner Brandon Dickerson (to X-Ray extension). It also joined forces with South African hotshop Velocity Afrika.

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