The Production A-List--The Digital Natives: B-Reel

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Stockholm, London and now New York-based B-Reel continued to uphold its elite digital status, re-teaming with Goodby on Asylum 626, the sequel to the much-decorated Hotel 626 campaign. Asylum expanded on Hotel's fright-filled reputation, bringing in participatory social media—visitors' friends could actually help steer them to safety in the looney bin, as well as an AR element that unlocks the final chapter of the experience. The Goodby partnership also yielded the whimsical Frito-Lay "Made For Each Other" campaign, while outside of the U.S., B-Reel collaborated with CHI and Partners on Talk Talk's "Bright Dancing," which invited visitors to create light-filled dance sequences using their mobile phones and webcams, and with W&K/London, it put three women's lives on full display for Nokia's "Supernova." The London office is currently ten staff strong and growing. This year, the company also broadened its scope and launched B-Reel Films, giving agencies access to talent such as Ikea "Dream Kitchens" director Anders Hallberg, based in the U.S., and Swedish talents lsuch as Tomas Alfredson, who directed "Let the Right One In," Filip Tellander, Johan Kling, Johan Perjus, Kristian Petri and Tom Malmros, director of both Asylum and Hotel 626.

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