The Digital Natives: Perfect Fools

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Founded on April Fools' day, 2002, this Sweden-headquartered shop is no joke. The company, which also now boasts an office in Amsterdam, turned out major digital productions for a range of clients. For Nokia, it partnered with Swedish agency Farfar on a humorous, albeit ridiculous campaign that involved a real factory that shreds and confiscates unwanted paper documents. Stateside, the Fools worked with Anomaly on the "Tailored by England" campaign, which invited football fans to participate in the release of Umbro's 2009 England team kit. It also worked with Creature Seattle on the Pacifico Alarm Clock online campaign and iPhone application, which encouraged beer drinkers to luxuriate in Mexico's leisurely lifestyle—and wake up when the rooster crows. Direct-to-client work included "Seamless Catwalk" for H&M's spring fashion collection and the music-driven "Converse Scenes" site. Perfect Fools also created the concept of the Under Armour 11, a new football team of Europe's toughest amateur football players, who flexed their muscles in an online campaign to launch the brand's new boots line. The shop also devised an online adventure game for the BBC to promote its show "Survivors."

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