The Production A-List-The Digital Natives: Projector

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The Tokyo-based creative shop got the whole world talking with its multiple-award winning Uniqlo Uniqlock site last year. It returned to the Japanese retailer with an online effort co-promoting the clothier and Cirque Du Soleil's "Corteo" production, which featured hi-def full-screen video and photos of the show's performers donning the brand's clothing. The shop also conceived and produced the inventive "Iida Calling" integrated campaign, for Japanese mobile provider KDDI. The effort focused on personalization and aimed to recenter consumers' attention on phones' main purpose, making calls. The site asks users to register their singing voices online, after which it will automatically create a new tune out of the voice and a track from DJ Towa Tei, which can then be used as a ringtone. The site also creates a dedicated QR code jacket for the song, which can then be featured on users' blogs or social-media pages.

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