The Digital Natives: Unit9

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London-based Unit9, another soley production-focused outfit, exceeded our expectations of digital companies with its wild stunt-based effort for Doritos and AMV BBDO—the Doritos Dodgeball Challenge. The company organized a month-long event that invited a web audience to fire dodgeballs from remote cannons at real people in real time, for the introduction of the brand's Flaming Cheeseball flavor. Unit9's R&D team both designed and wrote the software for the audience-controlled robots. Other company highlights include Goodby's Comcast Town for Comcast; the informational yet entertaining What's the real cost? site for Regence Blue Cross/Blue shield and North, Portland, which sought to teach visitors about where their money goes during hospital visits; , Nestle's "Extreme" campaign out of JWT Paris, a site that turns viewers into film directors who create their own story of a girl escaping Paris with the last Extreme ice cream and Heineken's "Know the Signs," out of Red Brick Road, which brings visitors inside a bar and quizzes them on which ones have had too much to drink. Meanwhile, the shop recently established an iPhone development, seeding and publishing team. The team recently released its first project in the iTunes store, Air Tennis, which allows players to use their phones as virtual rackets.

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