Epoch, New York and Los Angeles, Founded 1989

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Principals: Mindy Goldberg, Jeff Preiss

Roster: Matthew Badger, Paula Greif, Phil Morrison, Dewey Nicks, Jeff Preiss, Stacy Wall

Epoch's well-rounded stable came on with full force again this year, despite departures of Tim Godsall and Anouk Besson. Stacy Wall continued to douse us with his diverse palette of skills, from stunning visuals and sharp humor, notably on the anthemic "Coach" for ESPN and the dream-like "Twoville" for SBC; Jeff Preiss uncovered Kurt Vonnegut among other antiques for Nissan, and revived randy alien Plato for Sony; Phil Morrison, always welcome for his weirdness, was bizarrely heartfelt on the "New Pet" conservation spot for NY State; and Dewey Nicks brought his shooter's lens to sugar-high dancers for Kit Kat.

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