Gorgeous Productions

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Gorgeous is just one way to describe the work that comes out of this London shop, which this year produced an impressive assortment of noteworthy projects. Tom Carty jumped in to domesticate Orangina's exotic animals in the "Anytime" spot out of Fred & Farid, Paris; Peter Thwaites applied his stamp to a handful of AT&T stunners for BBDO, including the whimsical "Birthday" and an uplifting Olympics spot showing snowboarder Gretchen Blierer do tricks in space, while Frank Budgen gave an artsy interpretation of the three driving modes of Honda's CR-Z, for Wieden + Kennedy, London. Budgen also added to BBH London's legacy of moving for Barnardos, going from from screen to billboard to bring the "Never Give Up" outdoor ad to life. Vince Squibb brought adrenaline to Hovis' "Miss Chief" commercial and spots for Shell, and on the digital front, roster newcomer Johnny Green applied his talents to the interactive film "Encourage Omar," for the Special Olympics, which allowed users to affect the outcome of athlete Omar Haddad's performance with their own cheers.

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