HKM, Los Angeles and New York, Founded 1981

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Principals: Graham Henman, Michael Karbelnikoff, co-Presidents; Carl Swan, Executive Producer

rockfight: Ned Brown, Executive Producer; Melissa White, Executive Producer

Elizabeth Minzes, Head of Production; Darren Noble, Production Manager

Roster/HKM: Robert Caruso, Michele Cievetta, Graham Henman, Michael Patrick Jann, Michael Karbelnikoff, Maggie Zackheim, Joey Garfield, Cheryl Dunn, Eden Diebel, Jacobs / Briere

Roster/Rockfight: Sam Arthur, Daniel Barber, Pep Bosch, Duffy Culligan, Rafael Fernandez, James Frost, David Horowitz, Peluca, Joe Roman, Graham Rose

Executive producers Ned Brown and Melissa White returned to HKM after having departed from satellite Directors Bureau two years ago to establish Rock Fight, which will continue to operate as a separate entity under HKM management. Eden Diebel signed on from Headquarters, while Christian Loubek took off to Anonymous, as did former exec producer Lisa Margulis. Jacobs/Briere, who joined from HSI, made a wacky case for the new vid-kid in town Fuse, via a series of the risque promos featuring ghetto variations of familiar "mainstream" music network programs, and Michael Karbelnikoff settled a standoff between George Steinbrenner and Derek Jeter, for Visa.

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