HSI, Los Angeles, New York, Founded 1986

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Principals: Stavros Merjos, CEO, Billy Sandwick, Executive Producer NY, Kerstin Emhoff, Executive Producer LA, Ellen Jacobson, Executive Producer LA, Maddi Carlton, Head of Production NY, Michael McQuhae, Head of Production LA, Randy Winograd, COO, Susan Lava, CFO


HSI: Arni & Kinski, Lenny Bass, Peter Berg, Irv Blitz, Benny Boom, Kevin Bray, Scott Burns, Gerard de Thame, F. Gary Gray, Paul Hunter, Little X, Dave Merhar, Paul Middleditch,, Peggy Sirota, Josh Taft, The Brothers Strause, Joseph Kahn, David LaChapelle, Robert Hales, Hayley Cloake, Todd Kellstein

P.A.R.: Jonas Akerlund, Johan Renck

Venus: Matthew Rolston

Person Films: Michael Haussman, Lisbon Okafor

The departure of longtime stalwart Sam Bayer for RSA was perhaps a low point, but HSI has factored in to a large share of significant projects this year. Among them: Paul Hunter's music-driven Dr. Pepper campaign from Y&R and his sweet "Battle" for Nike; Levi's visually arresting if ultimately unsatisfying "Horse" from Johan Renck; Jonas Akerlund's showing for the new Virgin Mobile campaign; VW's pared down SUV campaign from Micheal Hausmann and an array of eye candy from Gerard de Thame including Honda "Dreams" and Nike "Wild Horses." The shop added to its roster of visualists with music video groundbreaker Joseph Kahn.

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