Hungry Man, New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Founded 1997

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Principals: Stephen Orent, Managing Partner; Hank Perlman, Director/Partner; Bryan Buckley, Director/Partner; Matt Buels, Managing Director, London; Caroline Gibney, Head of Production; Dan Duffy, Executive Producer; Tom Rossano, Executive Producer; Lauri Aloi, Head of Sales

Roster: Bryan Buckley, Hank Perlman, John O'Hagan, David Shane, Jim Jenkins, Scott Vincent, Allen Coulter, Michael Cuesta, Marcos Siega, Russ Lamoureux, Bennett Miller, David Levin, Paul Norling, Owen Harris, Mikko, Bjorn Stein, Robert Jitzmark, Christoffer von Reis, Sebastian Reed

Toss Hungry Man's reel of steel into the ring and it comes up a true heavyweight, pumped with clever work from the entire team. Jim Jenkins directed Scorcese for Amex. Bryan Buckley was as primed as ever on Fedex, Las Vegas Tourism, Ikea, Pepsi, and H&R Block; Bennet Miller sprung Frankenstein's bones to life for Osteo Biflex and intern Jesse's as well, in TNN's unforgettable promos. Allen Coulter sped up Father Time for Visa "Sheens," and Hank Perlman imagined Toyota's kid-ruled world, a Leprechaun pitchman for dnL, and Fox Sports' extreme sports rejects. The entire crew proved worthy as well overseas, on international spots for Orange, the BBC, Red Stripe, Halford's, and Sprint.

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