Mister Boomboom

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Director and fashion photographer Stephane Sednaoui's name seems affixed to all that is cool, from fashion babes to music videos for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck and REM. But the name of his new company, Mister Boomboom, is anything but. "We wanted the name to be funny, to be positive, have a good attitude, something that doesn't sound too pretentious," Sednaoui explains. A joint venture with Believe Media, Mister Booboom operates out of an independent space in New York. Sednaoui, joined by partner/producer Stephanie Bruni and commercials rep Verenne Ferrari, will continue to do the work the French-born director is well known for- niche fashion/beauty and music videos, as well as general market commercials. Sednaoui and Bruni hope to create an environment where clients can relax knowing that high end creative and production are a given, but also ideally a place where directors and photographers of Sednaoui's ilk (three whose contracts are being finalized now) can get the right guidance in the commercials marketplace. "As a photographer, when I first started directing, it was really hard to find a producer who could explain to me all the markets and how to adapt myself to them. That's what we want to do at Mister Boomboom, take people with little or no experience and create a cocoon for them."
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