MJZ, Los Angeles, with offices in New York and London, Founded 1990

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Principals: David Zander, Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel

Roster: Rocky Morton, Elma Garcia, Sean Thonson, Dante Ariola, Kuntz & Maguire, Spike Jonze, Annabel Jankel, Clay Williams, Craig Gillespie, Jonathan David, Marcus Nispel, Victor Garcia, Fredrik Bond, Matthijs Van Heijningen, Nicolai Fuglsig

MJZ sustained a steady buzz from the previous year's signfest by topping our charts as the winningest production company at the 2003 awards shows (see Awards Issue, August 2003) and by cranking out consistently fresh work. Spike Jonze played no small part with the Grand Prix-lauded "Lamp" and returned to the scene with Freestyle-reminiscent, beats-driven soccer spot for Nike South America. Rocky Morton and Craig Gillespie were unstoppable comedic forces on a wealth of spots, as on respective Lion-winning work for Fox Sports and Washington Mutual. Kuntz and Maguire, before delving into The Onion movie, cleverly executed runaway luggage for Visa Canada. Dante Ariola imparted eerie elegance to Playstation "Thumbs"; Fredrik Bond brought otherworldly touches to HP and VW, and Marcus Nispel got randy with Snuggle. The roster filled out even more with the return of Elma Garcia and the signing of Outsider's Nicolai Fugslig and Matthijs Van Heijningen.

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