Moxie Pictures, Los Angeles and New York, Founded 1992

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Principals: Dan Levinson, President/Director; Robert Fernandez, Lizzie Schwartz, Executive Producers

Roster/Moxie: Dan Levinson, Bob Purman, Yariv Garber, Christopher Guest, Todd Phillips, Pam Thomas, Andrew Christou, Wes Craven, Jim Sherdan, Allison Anders, Wes Anderson, Spencer Chinoy, Kevin Smith, Joe Nussbaum, John Waters, John Madden, Elaine Constantine, Peter Sollett, Rob Marshall

Wes Anderson took Ikea for a real world run-through, gaining kudos aplenty at the awards fetes. Pam Thomas rocked as hard as ever, on Coors and VISA; and Andrew Christou found his groove on Skechers. The shop saw major changes this year when former exec Gary Rose left for Go Film, and @radical's Robert Fernandez stepped in to become EP/Partner. Moxie also added heft to its roster, with the addition of noted fashion still shooter Elaine Constantine, and features' Peter Sollett (Raising Victor Vargas)and Rob Marshall of Chicago fame.

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