Omaha, Los Angeles and New York, Founded 1996

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Principals: Diane McArter, Managing Director; Eric Stern, Executive Producer

Roster: Paul Gay, Michael Grasso, Speck/Gordon, Stewart Hendler, Steven Diller, David McNally, Rupert Sanders, Steve Hudson

Omaha's Rupert Sanders has fast become a sought-after talent with a range of gorgeous spots in quick succession over the past year. The Guinness epic "Volcano" was followed by a pair of home runs for Nike, "Pull Up," and "The Great Return" (did it air? Who cares, it's great). Sanders' most recent stunner is the lush "Restore," for HP out of Goodby. While veteran Paul Gay has kept fresh with the funny UPS truck racing spots, among others, Speck and Gordon are making their presence known with funny spots for Suave out of O&M Chicago, Fuji out of Publicis and a new, character-driven campaign for Ameritrade. Rounding out the new talent line-up is Stewart Hendler, featured in the Y&R new directors showcase with the suspenseful "You're it" anti-skin cancer spot.

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