Partizan, Paris, New York, London, Founded 1986

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Principals: Georges Bermann, Steve Dickstein Owners; Madeleine Sanderson, Executive Producer, London; Sheila Stepanek, Executive Producer L.A.

Domestic Roster: Chris Robinson,Dominic Murphy, Doug Nichol, Gary McKendry, Jaume, Josh and Xander

Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry,Paul Goldman,Traktor, Zoe Cassavettes

International Roster: Alex and Martin, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Eric Coignoux, Jim Hosking, Lance Kelleher, Mathias Hoene, Melanie Bridge, Numero Six

The reigning Palme D'Or winner had its hand in some of the most buzzed-about work over the past year, nailing top flight U.S. and Blighty creative, starting, of course with the creative gem "Cog," from up and coming visual innovator Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, that, though denied Grand Prix glory was the de facto Most Envy-Inducing Spot of the year. The Traktor collective (now a sixsome with the exit of Ulf), held the torch high with the hundred headed beast for Xelibri , Levi's highly anticipated "Car,"and Euro Heineken. The Swedes kept it real for new Coke work along with Chris Robinson, who helmed the buzzed about Penelope burp and Mya/Common duet. The shop also remained on talent point, adding directors Gary McKendry and Lance Kelleher and young talent Josh and Zander, featured in the Y&R Young Guns showcase.

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