Production A-List '09: Caviar Content

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Caviar Content
Founded 2005

Principals: Michael Sagol, Managing Partner/ EP; Tom Weissferdt, Managing Partner/ EP

Roster: Keith Schofield, Ruben Fleischer, Jody Hill, Peter Farrelly, Rian Johnson, Dana Brown, Ben Zlotucha, Bram Coppens, Bram Van Riet, Don & John, Frank Devos, Stephen Blackman, Kris Belman & Scott Balcerek, Marc Wilkins, Nico and Martin, Puenzo Brothers, Reynald Gresset, Wim Reygaert

Formerly a Belgium-based outfit, Caviar Content shot into the U.S. and global spotlight this year largely from the work and off-kilter approach of director Keith Schofield, the young talent behind the much buzzed about, and much passed around Diesel XXX video, which launched at the beginning of this year, as well as the more recent Justice "Let Love Rule" clip, in which film credits take center stage in an '80s mock film. Schofield also applied his viral sensibility to the cryptic "Bungee Elephants" webfilm for Samsung, Belgacom's "Bee" and Fruit Roll-Ups out of Saatchi, N.Y.

But he's just one name to watch on the company's growing roster, which now seats documentary pro Dana Brown, director of surf docs like Step Into Liquid as well as marquee long form comedic talents like Peter Farrelly, who shot big production Sprint spots out of Goodby; Observe and Report director and Eastbound and Down co-creator/EP Jody Hill, and Ruben Fleischer, the man behind the recent blockbuster hit Zombieland. Speaking of longform, Caviar also produced TBWA/Chiat/Day's documentary film for Gatorade, Replay, by doc directors Kris Belman and Scott Balcerek, in which two rival high school football teams reunited to replay a historic 1993 game that ended in a tie.

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