The Production A-List '09: The Directors Bureau

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The Directors Bureau
Founded 1996

Principals: Roman Coppola, President/Director; Cayce Cole, Melissa Culligan, Executive Producers: Lana Kim, Executive Producer, Music Videos; Duffy Culligan, Executive Producer, Special Projects; Elizabeth Minzes, Head of Production; Rebecca Perkins, Production Manager

Roster: M Blash, Andy Bruntel, Roman Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Patrick Daughters, Nash Edgerton, Bucky Fukumoto, Romain Gavras, Mike Maguire, Geoff McFetridge, Melodie McDaniel, Mike Mills, Kris Moyes, Aaron Rose, Shynola

The home of some of the industry's most daring and forward thinking creative talents had one of its most inspired years, largely thanks to the untiring experimenter Patrick Daughters, who directed mesmerizing clips for the Depatment of Eagles, Depeche Mode and Grizzly Bear. Former creative-turned director-turned-creative-turned director Mike Maguire also had an excellent run, directing a series of naught Cheetah Cheetos spots for former agency Goodby, as well as JWT/New York's highly viral Wilkinson-Sword Effort, "Mow the Lawn," which can also be found among the most watched videos ever on

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