The Production A-List '09: Epoch/Imperial Woodpecker

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Epoch/Imperial Woodpecker
Founded 1989 (I.W., Founded 2009)

Principals: Mindy Goldberg, Founder and Managing Partner of Epoch Films/ Managing Partner of Dandelion; Jerry Solomon, Managing Partner of Epoch Films/Managing Partner of Dandelion; Jeff Preiss, Partner of Epoch Films; Phil Morrison – Partner of Epoch Films; Tara Averill – Head of East Coast Sales; Mal Ward, Head of West Coast Sales; Margaret Capposela, CFO; Charlie Cocuzza, New York Executive Producer

Roster: Matt Aselton, Matthew Badger, Wilfred Brimo, Collision, Michael Downing, Paula Greif, George Hickenlooper, Matt Lenski and Mike Long, Jeff Preiss and Phil Morrison.
Rattling Stick: Ivan Bird, Steve Cope, Sara Dunlop, Austen Humphries, Daniel Kleinman and Andy McLeod.
Imperial Woodpecker: Stacy Wall, Simon McQuoid

Epoch celebrated its 20th anniversary in early '09. Key efforts include Phil Morrison's continuing evolution of the Mac vs. PC Showdown. The company followed up its first feature production, Phil Morrison's Junebug, with Matt Aselton's strange love story Gigantic. Coming off his film the director shot spots for Pepsi Max via TBWA/Chiat/Day, L.A., showed what's wrong when it comes to mobile providers for Boost out of 180 L.A. and uncovered some bad boss behavior for Charter and Fallon, Minneapolis. Meanwhile, Epoch has set its sights on incubating young talents and facilitated Azazel Jacob's illustrative art tale for the MOMA, out of Taxi, N.Y. and Eric Fensler's Net10 spots for Droga5. The company restructured to accommodate the expanding industry, and the growth of its own talents. It launched branded content division Dandelion with Kirt Gunn founder Gunn. Meanwhile, it's a backing partner in Stacy Wall's new shop Imperial Woodpecker, which had a stellar first year that included Venables Bell & Partner's launch work for Intel, as well as Nike campaign out of Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. Wall shot 13 spots and returned to his puppet roots, directing plushie versions of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Both Dandelion and IW now fall under the newly formed Epoch Media Group.

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