The Production A-List '09: Gorgeous

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Founded 1997

Principals: Paul Rothwell, MD / Partner;Chris Palmer: Director / Founding Partner; Frank Budgen: Director / Partner, Chia Tucker, Sales

Roster: Chris Palmer, Frank Budgen, Peter Thwaites,Vince Squibb,Tom Carty ,Nick Broomfield Imperial Woodpecker: Stacy Wall, Simon McQuoid

The kitties at London's Gorgeous had plenty of reasons to purr in '09. Chris Palmer was also behind a series of quirky sound and scenario mismatches for fruit drink J20, and a Head and Shoulders spot starring Hairy Harry. The elusive Frank Budgen fronted Nike's "Driven" spot out of W+K Portland and showered the world with umbrellas for Travelers through Fallon, Minneapolis.

Peter Thwaites was the dark horse winner of the DGA award this year, thanks to his efforts on Barclay's Waterslide, Impulse "True Love" and Guinness "Light Show." He kept apace shooting a buckin' Pheasant for Drench and reigniting Cadillac for Modernist. Tom Carty ushered The Economist into the realm of TV with "Red Wires," while Vince Squibb shot a complicated, cinematic "Lumberjack" tale and directed Mumbai traffic for HSBC. Roster-wise, the Gorgeous family welcomed Imperial Woodpecker in a U.K. representation deal with directors Stacy Wall and Simon McQuoid.

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