The Production A-List '09: HSI

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Founded 1986

Principals: Stavros Merjos, President; Maddi Carlton, Coleen Haynes, Michael McQuhae, Rebecca Skinner, Executive Producers/U.S.; Michelle Ross, Head of Sales/U.S.; Mary Kay Hatfield, Midwest Sales; Barrie Isaacson, Bethany MacMillan (Barrie Isaacson Management), East Coast Sales; Nicola Doring, Managing Director/U.K.; Sadie Ward, U.K. Sales

HSI-US:Irv Blitz, Simon Cole, Keven Connolly, Gerard De Thame, Ryan Ebner, Justin Francis, Robert Hales, Michael Haussman (Person Films), Eric Hillenbrand, Andreas Hoffman, Hughes Brothers, Jaci Judelson, Joseph Kahn, David LaChapelle, Max Malkin, The Malloys, Diane Martel, Neistat Brothers, Chris Nelson, Brett Ratner, Saline Project, Jason Smith, Scott Speer, Tronic, Max Vitali, James Weitz, Hype Williams
HSI-UK: Rebel Alliance, Anthony Attanasio, Jim Canty, Diamond Dogs, Hannah Elin, Allen Friel, Douglas Hart, Simon Henwood, Dan Knight, Andy Lambert, Dominic Leung, Declan Lowney, Thomas Napper, Phil Sansom, Matthew Vaugh, Nick Wickham (Splinter Films), Dylan & Ben, Rankin & Curtis
Design/Animation-Dept. A:Adolescent, Container Plus, David Blanco, Ericka Ackerlund, Kate Anderson, Kidda, Man Vs. Machine, Rebel Rebel, Stephen Irwin

HSI's The Malloys were front and center in the awards spotlight thanks to their much celebrated effort "Dig Out Your Soul" promoting Oasis' latest album release—as well as the city of New York for Warner Brothers and NYC+Co. The project earned the Grandy at the Andys, among other accolades. The brothers followed that up with campaigns for HP and Pepsi, while sibling Emmet went on to open his White Stripes film, Under Great White Northern Lights at the Toronto film festival. Joseph Kahn maintained his music video mastery and earned MTV Moon Men for Best Pop Video and Best Hip Hop Video, on clips for Britney Spears and Eminem, but he made commercials leaps as well, directing Oasis Water's "Duckzilla" for Mother London and Mentos spots for BBH. Features star Brett Ratner became the Guitar Hero Go to guy, moving from "Risky Business" to Hugh Hefner. Other works of note include Travelers "No Worries," shot by Gerard de Thame and Tronic's digitally driven pieces for Sony Style/Comcast Labs, 56 Leonard and Yahoo Singapore.

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