The Production A-List '09: Hungry Man

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Hungry Man
Founded 1997

Principals: Kevin Byrne, Managing Partner/Executive Producer, N.Y.; Matt Buels, Managing Partner, U.K.; Bryan Buckley, Partner, N.Y.; Hank Perlman, Partner, N.Y.; Dan Duffy, Director of Sales/EP, L.A.; Stacie Gillman, Head of Sales, East Coast, N.Y.; Cindy Becker- Executive Producer, L.A. ; Alex Mehedeff, Managing Partner, Brazil; Renata Dumont, Head of Sales , Sao Paulo; Rodrigo Castello, Head of Production, Brazil

Roster: Brian Billow, Bryan Buckley, Tim Bullock, Nanette Burstein, Roderick Fenske, Paul Gay, Paulo Gandra, Robert Jitzmark, James Haworth, Steve Hudson, Lemon, Hein Mevisson, Wayne McClammy, Stephen Pearson, Hank Perlman, Gualter Pupo, Samuel Christopher, Marcos Siega, Hideyuki Tanaka, Scott Vincent, Taika Waititi, Whitey

Not surprisingly, Hungry Man was again a dominant Super Bowl force, with frontman Bryan Buckley directing spots for Cash4gold, Sprint ("Roadies"), H&R Block and Bud Light, starring Conan O'Brien. Other Buckley blockbusters include Crispin's Hulu spot featuring Seth McFarlane and the super viral JC Penney "Doghouse," one of Creativity-online's most viewed spot ever. Hungry Man also partnered with Crispin and Microsoft's response to Apple's "Mac vs. PC" push. Buckley helmed a series of strange scenarios starring Jerry Seinfeld, and directors Scott Vincent, Brian Billow, Marcos Siega joined him in a round of "I'm a P.C." ads. Buckley also directed spots for JWT's launch of Microsoft search engine Bing.

The shop's directors were also behind some notable longform work: Marcos Siega sunk his teeth into episodes of Dexter, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries; Scott Vincent helmed the pilot and episodes for Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin, and documentary pro Nanette Burstein filmed her first narrative feature, Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore & Justin Long. The company's new hires include Wayne McClammy, the director of the multi-honored "The Great Schlep" out of Droga5, starring Sarah Silverman and produced out of The Oil Factory.

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