The Production A-List '09: International All-Stars

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Founded 1992

Principals: Satit Kalawantavanich, President/Director; Yodphet Sudsawad, M.D.; Boonkjet Korsanan, Financial Director; Sumalee Tantrapongsothorn, Executive Producer

Phenomena continued to put Thai creative in the global spotlight and earned this year's Cannes Palme D'or, due largely to the talent of awards grabber Thanonchai Sornsrivichai. His "Melody of Life" extended length spot for Thai Life Insurance brought out the fun and funny in the most trying of life circumstances for a hodgepodge family whose mother is stricken with cancer. The spot recently took home best of show at Spikes Asia. The director also shot some economically-minded laffers for HomePro, while fellow Phenom talent Aray Suriharn aka Joey earned a Silver Lion for a comedic spot for Semir clothing.

Founded 2001

Principals: Claudio Amoedo, CEO; C R Stecyk III, CCO; Joseph Dugan, Executive Producer, L.A.; Juan Taylor, Executive Producer, L.A.; Ivo Van Vollenhoven, Executive Producer, Madrid; Assaf Elder Stadler, Executive Producer, Madrid

Landia has its sights set on being the top production company in the Hispanic market, and so far, it looks like its making great progress toward that goal. Outside of opening up a new office in Madrid, the company turned out some of the year's most noteworthy spots, no matter where you're watching them form. The company worked with McCann Madrid to create arguably the most touching—and tear-inducing message to come out of the economic crisis, Coca-Cola's "Encounter," directed by Andy Fogwill, in which the oldest man imparts his words of wisdom to the youngest baby. Other highlights came from Agustin Alberdi, who returned man to his place in a campaign for Wrangler, out of La Comunidad, revisited classic French cinema for Stella Artois 4% and Mother London, and mismatched musicians and singers for Santo and client Personal Music.

Principals: Patricio Alvarez Casado, EP/ Jorge Larrain, Mariano Avellaneda, Axel Linari Producers; Liz Campi, Production Coordinator

Stalwart director Luciano Podcaminsky was all over the map, turning out a stunning production for Volkswagen, summoning the corn gods for "Volcano." The comedy was free-flowing in spots for DirecTV—"Aged," in which he brought senior footballers out of retirement' for Quilmes, in which he unabashedly exploited commercials clichés; and Doritos, in which he encouraged young lovers to make it to the second date. Fellow Rebolucionary Armando Bo brought a curious dog fish out of water for VW, while La Doble Nelson doled out some silly advice to beleaguered souls for 7UP.

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