The Production A-List '09: Believe Media

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Believe Media
Founded 2000

Principals: Liz Silver, President/Executive Producer; Luke Thornton, Owner/ Executive Producer; Gerard Cantor, Executive Producer; Mike Brady, Executive Producer

Roster U.S. Based / U.K. Based: Chris Applebaum, Bryan Barber, Jeffrey Darling, Liz Friedlander, Tryan George, Jason Harrington, Javier & Jorge, Rory Kelleher, Maurice Marable, Pucho, Joel Pront, Alex Proyas, Stephane Sednaoui, Floria Sigismondi, Zack Snyder, Paul Street, Bruce St. Clair, Charles Stone III, tomato, Rene Villar.Rios
Quad USA: Bruno Aveillan

Over the years, Believe Media's talents have demonstrated expertise in visually enticing work, whether it's the of the lustful sort—as on Chris Applebaum's Padma Lakshmi devours burger spot for Carl's Jr. and Mendelsohn Zien—or the bloodlustful--on Maurice Marable's sensual promos for True Blood Season 2. This year, company also earned cheers around the world and a Special Jury Commendation at Cannes for Charles Stone III's reprise of the Wassup! phenomenon, Wassup '08, which revisited the original spots' characters in straitened circumstances, in a viral supporting Obama's presidential campaign. Believe talents also remained in the Hollywood headlines, with Zack Snyder delivering the much-anticipated film adaptation of Alan Moore's The Watchmen.

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