The Production A-List '09: O Positive

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O Positive
Founded 2007

Principals: Jim Jenkins & Ralph Laucella (EP), Partners/Co-Founders; Marc Grill, Devon Clark, Lauri Aloi, Executive Producers

Roster: Jim Jenkins, David Shane, Autumn de Wilde, Kenny, Pep Bosch

The small but mighty O Positive once again found itself amongst the top five shops vying for this year's Palme d'Or at Cannes. Founding director Jim Jenkins earned an Emmy nomination for Sprint Nextel's "Wedding," out of Goodby, and also shot brand campaigns for American Airlines, eBay, FedEX as well as TBS's "My Boys" viral effort out of Saatchi, New York. David Shane was untiring in his comedic efforts for agencies like Goodby, Mother NY and W+K/N.Y. and turned out spots for Netflix, Nintendo, K-Y, NBA and Sportscenter. Outside the States, he garnered laughs as well, for Hahn beer out of BMF Sydney and Suzuki out of John St. Toronto. Newcomer Autumn deWilde directed two shorts for Oliver Peoples, including "Catch a Tuesday," starring Zooey Deschanel and Matt Costa, with another featuring Elijah Wood in postproduction. The shop expanded its roster, adding Pep Bosch and former creative Kenny Herzog, aka Kenny who went straight into projects for AirTran, Comcast's "Mothers" out of Goodby and Fedex "Matador," via BBDO, New York.

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