The Production A-List '09: Outsider

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Founded 1997

Principals: Robert Campbell, U.S. and U.K.; Don Block, Rich Carter, U.S.

Over the last few years, Outsider director James Rouse has steadily moved into A-list territory He followed last year's feel-good run with 72andSunny and Discovery's Channel's "I Love the World" spot by bringing epic to the everyman for Strongbow, out of St. Luke's and created "Extreme Sheep LED Art" for Samsung (produced out of the Viral Factory). Directors Dom and Nic directed the other celebrated "House of Cards" effort, a subtly effected spot for U.K. homeless organization Shelter, out of Leo Burnett, while Henry Littlechild turned up the grossometer in a cautionary spot for Pfizer, featuring a man discovering the downside of illegal medicine purchases. Littlechild also applied his talents to Heineken's "Know the Signs" website out of London's Red Brick Road, co-produced with Unit9, which asked visitors to spot signs of impending drunkenness in fellow bar patrons.

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