The Production A-List '09: Park Pictures

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Park Pictures Founded 1998

Principals: Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee, Executive Producer/Owner; Lance Acord, Director/Owner

Roster: Lance Acord, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Joachim Back, Alison Maclean, Steve Mottershead, 300 ML, Lisa Rubisch, Chris Sargent, Jake Schreier, The Glue Society, Benzo Theodore, [email protected] Pictures: Si & Ad, Tony Barry, Peter Cattaneo, Cnkerco, Martin de Thurah, SEb Edwards, Kim Gehrig, Jonathan Glazer, Nick Gordon, Frederic Planchon, Walter Stern

Director/co-founder Lance Acord completed his DP duties on the Spike Jonze-directed Where the Wild Things Are and dove into more impressive commercials feats. He shot Honda's roadside experiment in sound, "Grooves," the behind the scenes of which were filmed by fellow Park talent and viral film extraordinaire, Benzo, who masterminded last year's "Sunglass Catch" for Ray-Ban. Acord went on to shoot another sports wake-up call, this time for Nike (his first being an elegant 2003 effort for adidas) as well as the gorgeously effected "Motion" for Acura. More inspiring car moves came from Walter Stern, who took Lexus "Running," and the always elegant Joaquin Baca-Asay shot "Doors" for Bank of America.

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