The Production A-List '09: Partizan

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Founded 1986

Principals: Commercials US: Sheila Stepanek, CEO/EP; Melanie McEvoy, East Coast Sales Rep; Tracy Fetterman , West Coast Sales Rep ; Chris Karabas & Rob Mueller, House of Representatives, Midwest Sales Rep; Commercials FR: Georges Bermann, EP, Worldwide ; Bernard Anselm, Head of Production; Commercials U.K.: Madeleine Sanderson, EP; Dave Stewart, Head of Production; Di Redvers , Directors' Rep; Commercials Shanghai: Bee Hurst, EP; Commercials Berlin: Moritz Merkel, EP; Commercials Mumbails: Gautam Kachhia, EP; Jay Weinstein, Directors' Rep; Music Videos: Jeff Pantaleo, EP U.S.; Danielle Hinde, Directors' Rep; Sasha Nixon, Head of MV U.K.; Olivier Bassuet, Head of MV, France; The Dark Room: Matt Tucker, Head of DR U.S.; Andrew Michaeloff, Sales Rep DR U.S.; Jordan McGarry, Head of DR U.K.; Olivier Bassuet, Head of DR FR; Partizan Labs: Isabella Parish, Producer U.K.; Jean-Gabriel Saint-Paul. Producer, France; Partizan Films: Georges Bermann, Worldwide ; Li-Wei Chu, Management U.S.

Roster:Agust Baldursson, Matt Dollings, Daniel Eskils, Florance & Karen
US: Ace Norton, Nico Beyer, Phil Andelman, Cat Solen, Ray Tintori, Claire Carre, David Gelb, Traktor, Doug Nichol, Warren Kushner, Paul Gondry, Skinny, Hiro Murai, Ghost Town, Gianluca Fallone, Honey, John Christopher Pina, Keith Louti, tNabil, Jeremy Konner
U.K.: Nima Nourizadeh, Alastair Siddons, Anthony Dickenson (lo-def), Ollie Evans, Patrik Bergh, Chris Cairns, Keith Loutit, Dan Lowe, Thomas Hilland, Daniel Wolfe, Tim Saccenti, Toby MacdonaldDominic Murphy WaterEric LernerEric LynneFraterHenry SchofieldJim Field Smith, Jim Hosking, Kevin Summers, Leslie Ali, Lo-Def, Kinga Burza, Niall Downing, Matthias Hoene, Michael Gracey
France: Numéro 6, Alex Courtes, Olivier Gondry, Olivier Van Hoofstadt, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Paf! Le Chien, Arthur King, Asger Leth, Bastien Roger, Quentin Dupieux, Ben Jones, Ramon & Pedro, Raphael Frydman, Régis Roinsard, Stéphane Manel, Stephen Shore, David Bertram, Valerie Pirson, Double Zéro Victor Haegelin, Eric Coignoux, Fabrice Begotti, Geoffroy De Crecy, Jimmy Touroute, Kim Chapiron, Laurie Thinot, Les Elvis, Loic & Aurélien, Marx, Michel Gondry, Maxim Zhestkov
Australia: Barney Howells
GermanY: Jan Wentz

Partizan talents are always known for bringing a fresh perspective to the film medium—and beyond. Michael Gracey made waves with the very viral "Skating Babies" for Evian and T-Mobile's "Dance." He also shot spots for eBay and the Gap and steered a live choreographed dance stunt for Oprah's season launch show, starring the Black Eyed Peas and a huge crowd of surprise performers. Chris Cairns was behind the stimulating short "Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc." while Traktor continued to turn out big productions for GE and BBDO, like the lovable "Scarecrow." The Swedes also shot Virgin Atlantic's "Love at First Flight'" as well as spots for Virgin Trains, including one starring Sir Richard Branson himself.
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