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Founded 1993

Principals: Jon Kamen, CEO, Chairman; Frank Scherma, President; Christiane Dressler, Managing Director, Europe; Rob Galluzzo, Managing Director, Sydney; Robb Spitzer, Managing Director, Shanghai; Chris Kim, Director of Global Marketing Entertainment: Robert Friedman, President; Justin Wilkes, Vice President; Sidney Beaumont, EP; Dana Locatell, Sales/EP; Bob Stein, Head of Production; Mike Bonfiglio, Producer Commercials: Maya Brewster, EP; Jim Bouvet, EP; Gregg Carlesimo, EP; Donna Portaro, EP; Tommy Turtle, EP; Melanie Loebig, Head of Production, N.Y.; Cathy Dunn, Head of Production, L.A. Chiara Chung, Sales, Chicago; Dominic Bernacchi, Sales, Los Angeles Design & Digital: Rich Kronengold, CMO; James Spindler, Creative Director Maggie Meade, EP; Evan Schechtman, CTO; Jiffy Iuen, Producer Bryan Rodman, Producer; Mike Ceferatti, AI Photography: Sherry Riad, Sales, N.Y.; Tracey Quigley, Sales, L.A. Post Production: Liz Frisell-Mason, Managing Director

Roster: Andrew Becker, Joe Berlinger, Vikki Blanche, Arran Bowyn, Paul Bozymowski, Jay Chandrasekhar, Derek Cianfrance, Bill Condon, Peter Darley Miller, David Dean, Lenard Dorfman, Randall Einhorn, Frank E. Flowers, Brett Froomer, Terry Gilliam, F. Gary Gray, Phil Griffin, Hadi, Joe Hahn, Brendan Hearne, Antony Hoffman, Patrick Hughes, Bruce Hunt, Greg Jardin, R. Malcolm Jones, Josh & Xander, Greg Kohs, Sean Kruck, Barton Landsman, Dennis Liu, Terrence Malick,McCoubrey Brothers, Zach Merck, Dave Meyers, Chris Milk, Steve Miller, Molly & Mariah, Neveldine & Taylor, Grego Nicholas, Luciano Podcaminsky, Joakim Reveman, Christopher Riggert, Matthew Rolston, Rosey, Edouard Salier, Sebastian Schipper, Ralf Schmerberg, Derin Seale, Brett Simon, Bruce Sinofsky, Dick Sitting, Nzingha Stewart, Sebastian Strasser, Johan Tappert, Tarsem, Marcus Tomlinson, Al Yankovic, Andrew Zuckerman, Jeff Zwart has built a reputation for expanding the definition of "production company" with a repertoire that includes everything from commercials to design, branded entertainment and feature films. This year was no different. The shop sought to make the sport of ping pong as talked about as poker and conceived and produced the Hardbat Classic Event in Las Vegas, bringing in ESPN and K-Swiss as sponsors. The competition was later broadcast on ESPN in late September. The company also had a huge hand in launching the "Get Schooled" program for Viacom and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and produced an hour-long program that aired in a broadcast roadblock across all Viacom channels.

@radical's design group created the identity and branding for Hardbat and reimagined the "Get Schooled" website into an approachable destination for multiple demographics. It also worked with artist Maya Lin on her "What is Missing?" installation, which debuted at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco in late September. Meanwhile, the company maintained its stride in the long form world. Joe Berlinger's Crude debuted at Sundance to excellent reviews and launched nationwide in September; it produced the fourth season of Iconoclasts for the Sundance Channel as well as Storymakers for AMC. The Broadway stage provided more fertile ground for the company: @radical produced Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway, which was released on DVD and In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams, which premiered on PBS Great Performances.

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