The Production A-List '09: The Sweet Shop

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Founded 2001

Principals: Paul Prince, CEO/Managing Partner; Sharlene George, Global Executive Producer/Managing Partner; Melanie Bridge, Film Director/Managing Partner; Stephen Dickstein, Global President/Managing Partner AMERICAS: Tracy Bernard & Associates, Company Representative, Chicago; Susan Rued Anderson, Executive Producer, L.A.; Andrew Hall Management, Company Representative, L. A.; James Bartlett, Directors Rep/Head of Sales, N.Y.; James Okumura, Head of Production, L.A.; UK/EUROPE: Candice Chubb, Executive Producer/Managing Director, U.K.; Andrew Levene, Head of Production, U.K.; Rudy Taguri, Directors Rep/Head of Sales, UK/Europe; AUSTRALASIA: The Shanghai Job, Company Representative, Shanghai; George MacKenzie, Managing Director, Sydney

Roster: Steve Ayson (NZ), Melanie Bridge (NZ), David Gaddie (NY), Paul Goldman (NY), Mr.Hide (TOKYO), Sam Holst (NZ), Margaret & Joy (NY), Mark Lever (NZ), Noah Marshall (LA), Peter Martin (LA), Kathi Processer (TORONTO), Ben Quinn (UK), SEGA (SPAIN).

New Zealand-headquartered The Sweet Shop embarked on a global expansion this year, bringing in former Propaganda and then Partizan frontman Steve Dickstein as its fourth partner and global president/managing partner to kickstart worldwide growth. His signing was followed by a spate of director additions from around the world, including Japan's Mr. Hide, a former Takashi Murakami collaborator, Spain's Sega, New York-based Paul Goldman, U.K.'s Ben Quinn, L.A.-based Peter Martin, and New York-based Paul Goldman, Margaret & Joy and David Gaddie. The majority of the shop's standout work came from its home territory—highlights include Steve Ayson's series of laffers for the New Zealand Lotto, his "Dove Love" spot for Pure Blonde and Noah Marshall's "Wrecking Balls" Fresh 'n Fruity yogurt spot out of Colenso BBDO. But the company has started to dig into local territory as well, as seen with Mr. Hide's whimsical and ubiquitous Toyota spots out of Saatchi L.A., in which people are the pixels in a seemingly animated world. On the interactive tip, the company's digital sibling company The Rumpus Room orchestrated the massive "Amplichoir" worldwide chorus effort for Dell, out of Mother, London.

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