The Production A-List--The Digital Natives: ACNE

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It's impossible to categorize this multi-discipline Swedish creative house, which includes a hipster fashion and jeans label, an ad agency and commercials production shop, a toy brand, a long form production company, a magazine, and a new media arm, ACNE Digital, launched in 2006. For two seasons, the latter put potential soldiers to the test with the addictive and brain-wracking Swedish Armed Forces puzzle-themed campaign, out of DDB Stockholm. ACNE also created Lowe Brindfors' elegant but entertaining website and spot for the Saab Change Perspective campaign. Not constrained by the big or small screen, the ACNE family conceived a clever multiplatform environmental effort for Flybussarna, to encourage bus use in Sweden. The advertising arm constructed a giant bus out of 50 cars, parked on the side of a highway. Digital created the website that tracked cars passing by and showed the amount of emissions that could have been saved if commuters had taken a bus instead. Like its clothing line, you can now find ACNE outside its Stockholm homebase. It recently opened up shop in LA, bringing on RSA vet Fran McGivern as managing director.

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