The Production A-List-The Digital Natives: North Kingdom

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North Kingdom likes to say that its work is so creative because the company's home base in Sweden's North Country doesn't get that much sunlight, thus sequestering team members in their offices, where they can remain focused on the work. Nevertheless, the company continues to enjoy the warmth of the global spotlight, thanks to its innovative productions like Goodby's for GE from early 2009, one of the first campaigns to utilize Augmented Reality technology. The site explains GE's Smart Grid and its impact on the environment and the AR feature allows visitors to manipulate 3-D hologram models of wind and solar power generators. Users can manipulate the holograms by moving the markers or blowing into their computer mics. North Kingdom also picked up where ACNE left off on Swedish Armed Forces in the third installment of DDB Stockholm's campaign, and produced digital campaigns for Disney and Coke Zero. U.S. production vet Jennie Gadd joined the team late last year as executive producer.

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