The Production A-List: Rattling Stick

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Rattling Stick
Founded 2006

Principals: Johnnie Frankel, President; Camilla Wood, Head of Marketing; Daniel Kleinman, Co-founder, Director

Roster: Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge, Andy McLeod, Ivan Bird, Steve Cope, Sara Dunlop, Austen Humphries

Master storyteller Daniel Kleinman returned to direct new round of spots for Monster, out of BBDO, including the epic "Battle," as well as Travelers' neurotic pup in "Prized Posession," out of Fallon. Allergy season became war time in Steve Cope's fanciful spot for Benadryl, and the prolific Ringan Ledwidge spun an assortment of tales, from big production stunners like Virgin Media's "Backlot," in which he unlocked the mysteries of Hollywood, and the Hovis "Tribute" flashback. It was all in the eyes for a Ledwidge-directed road trip for U.K. Department for Transport, while fair trade was the center of his celebratory Zingolo video for Cadbury and Fallon/London.

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